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Wind Engine Model 702 Description


Water Pumping Capacities Chart

Wind Mill Specifications
Operation at rated capacity






(feet) (long) (short) (MPH) (RPM) (SPM) (pounds)
6 5" 3 3/4" 15-18 125 32 210
8 7 1/8" 5 1/2" 15-18 105 32 355
10 9 1/4" 7 1/4" 15-18 85 26 655
12 11 1/4" 8 1/4" 18-20 73 21 1130
14 13 1/2" 9 1/4" 18-20 62 18 1780
16 14 7/8" 11 3/4" 18-20 53 16 2510

Galvanized Helmet 
gives protection to internal parts from the weather and elements.

Two Strokes
Gears and pitman arms are designed for easy change to the short stroke for greater pumping depth.

Strong Powerful Wheel 
Galvanized round wheel screw into position to form a rigid wheel of strength without the use of bolts in the hub. Sails are galvanized, are the right quantity and curvature to develop great power even in light breezes.

Replaceable Babbitt Bearings 
run with nominal friction, take abuse, are long lasting and proved the most effective for windmills. Used on leading makes of windmills since the turn of. the century.

Positive Lubrication  
Bearings and gears are constantly flooded with oil. Large oil ring picks up oil from large gears to keep upper bearings lubricated.

Balanced Operation 
Large, double gears, pinions and pitman arms balance the load for efficient operation and minimum wear. Heavy guide wheel keeps the pump rod aligned.

Reliable Buffer
Effectively absorbs shock when the mill furls into the wind

Self Regulating
Regulation is automatic to protect equipment in high winds. Manual furling device is below the mill, outside the tower and has no contact with moving parts